Pictures of Electrical Problems

These pictures show a BAD plug on an appliance cord. You can see that in the left image, you see dark colored prongs. When you look at the right image, you see the original brass colored prong.

This view of both prongs highlights the obvious: One prong has gotten very hot, and the insulation around the prong has discolored and deformed at the prong. This is something you should check on YOUR cords, periodically!! Devices That generate heat (blow dryers, frying pans, coffee makers, toasters & portable heaters) consume greater amounts of electricity, and fail sooner.

These pictures show a bad wall receptacle. Normally, I see this level of damage when the wire has been pushed into the hole in the back of the receptacle, where it is held by a spring. This outlet had the wire under the screw, but the installer failed to tighten the screw. The problems pictured here were from different sites. Either condition can cause the other. A bad plug can destroy an outlet, and a damaged outlet can ruin a cord plug.

These pictures show what happened when somebody operated a portable heater using a lamp type extension cord. I received a phone call from the landlord, after the Fire Dept. left.